Latvian Open XC Cup 2024, Nolikums

Latvian open XC Cup 2024

Latvian paragliding competition (FAI 2)


June 5 - 9, 2024


1. Introduction

1.1 The aim of competition is to promote paragliding in Latvia and to provide international competition experience to Latvian paragliding pilots.

1.2 Paragliding competition is held according to the FAI Sporting Code. It is a pilot’s responsibility to be aware and comply with the rules in General Section and Section 7 of the FAI Sporting Code.

1.3. The purpose of the competition is to provide competitive flights to determine the winners in each class and to strengthen pilot and international cooperation. The event is for pilots who are interested in competing and improving their paragliding skills.

1.4 The competition is open to all pilots with a valid paragliding licence (LPF license B or higher and/or Parapro category 3 or higher). FAI licence is required for FAI ranking points.

1.5 All pilots fly at their own risk. It is each pilot’s responsibility to take all necessary actions to maintain their own safety during the competitions and to ensure that they do not act in any way that might endanger any other pilots during the competition. It is a condition of entry to the Latvian Paragliding competitions for all pilots to accept without restriction to hold the Organisers blameless and waive all claims to compensation.

1.6 All pilots must be aware of the Local Regulations (airspace regulations) and abide them.

1.7 The organizer ensures a safe and fair competition.


2. Organizer, Location and Schedule of Event

2.1. The competition is organized by the Latvian Paragliding Federation.

2.2. The competition is held in the south-eastern part of Latvia, the basic starting place of the competition is Krustpils airfield. According to the decision of the organizers, depending on weather conditions, the starting place can be moved to another place in the south-western part of Latvia.

Competition headquarters: "Selija HQ" -

2.3. The website of the competition is

2.4. The official communication channel during competition is Whatsapp group “Latvian Open XC Cup 2024”.

2.5. The competition takes place from June 5 - 9, 2024 with a training day on June 5, 2024.

2.5.1. The schedule for the first day (training day) is as follows:

registration starts at 09:30

registration ends at 10:00

briefing at the competition headquarters (HQ) 10:00

briefing at the starting point, announcement of the competition task (hereafter - task) 11:00

a start window opens 12:00

the start window closes 17:00

the finish window closes 18:30

GPS results delivery deadline 19:30

task results 21:00

2.5.2. The schedule for the second, third, fourth day is as follows:

morning meals 08:30

briefing at the competition HQ 10:00

briefing at the starting point, announcement of the competition task 11:00

the start window opens 12:00

the start window closes 17:00

At the finish window closes 18:30

GPS results delivery deadline 19:30

task results 21:00

2.5.3. The schedule for the fifth day is as follows:

morning meals 08:30

briefing at the competition HQ 10:00

briefing at the starting point, announcement of the competition task 11:00

the start window open 11:30

the start window closes 17:00

the finish window closes 18:00

GPS results delivery deadline 19:00

award ceremony at the venue of the competition 20:00

2.6. The competition schedule may be adjusted by the organizers and due to weather conditions.


3. Competition officials

3.1. Meet director: Normunds Pakulis

3.2. Start referee: Andris Paže

3.3. Security Director: Sergej Samuilov

3.4. Chief referee: Matīss Martinovs

3.5 Referee for summary of results: Jānis Mateuss

3.6 Head of the Administrative Committee: Artis Kromanis

3.7. The committee is appointed by the meet director and consists of 4 persons. Its committee is an advisory body to the meet director.


4. Participants, registration process, entry requirements and paragliding classes

4.1 In the competition may participate a maximum number of 40 pilots. 15 places are reserved for foreign pilots until 31 May 2024 (inclusive). After this date, unfilled places will be released to the next selected pilots. The organizers reserve the right to increase the maximum number of participants.

4.2 Early registration is available online via the competition website until 3 June 2024 (inclusive).

4.3 Late registration is available at the competition HQ upon payment of the entry fee and the late fee.

4.4. The pilot must have a valid paragliding license (LPF license B and higher and/or ParaPro 3 or higher category). An FAI ranked pilot holds a valid FAI sports licence.

4.5 Medical insurance valid in the Republic of Latvia is recommended for the pilot.

4.6 The pilot needs civil liability insurance valid in the Republic of Latvia.

4.7. The competition will be held in the following categories: overall – EN/LTF A-B-C-D-CCC; Sport – EN/LTF A-B-C if there are at least 3 CCC and D in total; Standard – EN/LTF A-B; women if there are at least 3 participants in the class.

4.8 Each pilot competes individually.

4.9. The results of these competitions on June 8 and 9 are also automatically counted as the results of the second stage of the Latvian XC Cup (if flights have taken place on these days) in accordance with the classes of the Latvian XC Cup Regulations.

4.10. The wing must be EN/LTF/DHV certified. The pilot must have a harness with back protection, a tow release device, a helmet, a reserve, a working radio equipment and GPS device, and device that supports APP and the following apps are already installed: WhatsApp and SportsTrackLive. The radio equipment is able to operate in the frequency 446.000 - 446.100.





5. Entry and winching fees

5.1 The entry fee is EUR 100.00 and can be paid by bank transfer until 4 June 2024 (including). The entry fee can also be paid later at the venue of the competition by additionally including a late entry fee, which is EUR 130.00 in total.

5.2 The fee for winching is not included in the participation fee. The fee for one winch is EUR 8.00.

5.3 The entry fee is paid to the following bank account:

Beneficiary: Latvijas Paraplanierisma federacija

Registration No. 40008062282

Recipient's address:


Account number (IBAN): LV77HABA0551012413176


Purpose of payment: LV XC FAI2

5.4 The entry fee includes: retriever (transportation of participants on training days and competition days from the landing place on the route to the competition start place or the competition headquarters), infrastructure of the competition venue (outdoor toilet, electricity, waste removal, etc.), tent places, packed lunch, evening meal on one of the competition days, light breakfast (snacks, water, tea, coffee, etc.), competition t-shirts or similar gift, prizes and diplomas for the winners. You are welcome to bring your own utensils (spoon, knife, etc.) to reduce waste footprint.

5.5. If the competition is cancelled, the entry fee is partly refunded – 80% refunded.


6. Flight, safety rules and liability

6.1. All pilots must comply with the safety rules in accordance with Section 7 of the FAI Sporting Code.

6.2. Each pilot must comply with aviation regulations and the regulations of the country in which the competition is taking place.

6.3. Wind speed suitable for the competition is up to 7 m/s.

6.4. All pilots must have their radio equipment switched on the competition frequency during the competition. A pilot uses the race frequency to report a dangerous situation or accident. It is forbidden for pilots to use the competition frequency for any unrelated matter.

6.5. All manoeuvres which might endanger the safety of others are strictly forbidden. Aerobatics, dangerous flying conduct, infringement of rules and unsporting behaviour will be penalised and may cause disqualification.

6.6. A pilot may not fly unless he/she is fit. Any injury, drugs or medication taken which might affect the competitor’s performance in the air, must be reported to the Meet Director before flying.

6.7. It is strictly forbidden to fly under influence of alcohol or other drugs.

6.8 At any time the organizer can stop a task in case of hazardous conditions.

6.9. If the pilot does not report a safe landing during the competition within a certain period, the organizers start rescue operations.

6.10. If the pilot, without justifiable reason, does not inform the organizer about a safe landing within a certain period and rescue operations have been carried out, he must cover the costs of the rescue operations.

6.11. All pilots must pack their gliders immediately after landing: a glider lying open on the ground means “I need help!”.

6.12. Rescue action and medical costs shall be covered by the pilot.


6.13 The pilot is solely responsible for his/her personal equipment, actions on the ground and in the air. This has to be confirmed by the signature during the registration.


7. Briefings

7.1. All information about the competition and such is announced in the briefings and/or displayed on the official information board.

7.2. The general briefing takes place at the competition HQ or another designated place. It covers general organizational and security issues. All competitors must attend the general briefing in person.

7.3. Task briefing - takes place at the starting point, with the participation of all pilots, and it provides information about the task, weather conditions and general organizational issues.

7.4. It is the responsibility of the pilots to be informed through briefings or by consulting the task committee.

7.5. The technical data specified during the briefing will be placed on the task board.

7.6. All briefings are held in Latvian with English translation (if necessary).


8. Launch method and launch order

8.1. Winching is performed by a passive winch. The minimum winching height is set at 400 m.

8.2. The starting order is determined by a draw.

8.3. Launches will be managed by the Launch Judge.

8.4. The pilot can make several takeoff attempts while the takeoff window is open.

8.5. Each pilot is individually responsible for his decision to start.


9. Tasks, validation of a task and the competition

9.1. The competition takes place in the elapsed time format.

9.2. The task is prepared by the Task committee before the opening of the start window.

9.3. The task is valid only if all pilots had an opportunity to start (launch) and at least 60 minutes have passed since the last pilot had started and the task has been cancelled.

9.4 The competition is valid if it has at least one valid task.

9.5. The last start and flight of the task out of start cylinder is the flight, which is considered for calculation of results for the task.


10. Retrievers

10.1. Retrieves are organized through Whatsapp communication. The pilot must have equipment that supports the Whatsapp app.


11. Scoring and results

11.1. The task results will be determined only by valid GPS data from the GPS device. Flight verification rules are set down in Section 7 of the FAI Sporting Code.

11.2. Tasks will be scored using GAP formula and FS software. All parameters will be announced before the first task and will remained unchanged until the end of the competition.

11.3. The results will be displayed on the information board as soon as possible after downloading all track-logs.

11.4. After the end of the competition the results will be sent to CIVL for inclusion in the WPRS.

11.5. The awarding ceremony of the competition takes place on the last day of the competition at the competition HQ.


12. Penalties

12.1 For infringements of or non-compliance with the Local Regulations or the FAI Sporting Code a pilot may be penalised. Each time the penalty is imposed by the Meet Director, except the penalties stated in Section 7 of the FAI Sporting Code, which will be applied accordingly.

12.2 For violation of restricted airspace, the pilot is penalised with 2% percent of pilot’s points for each violated 1 m within the restricted airspace. For example, for violation of restricted airspace within 30 m in the restricted airspace, the pilot is penalised with minus 60% percent of pilot’s points.

12.3 For the second violation of restricted airspace the pilot is disqualified.

12.4 If a task is cancelled, the penalty will be decided by the Meet Director.

12.5 If for any reason a pilot’s score, including penalties, is negative, the score for the task will be zero.


13. Complaints and Protests

13.1 Complaints and protest must be made in writing and delivered to the competition HQ. They shall refer to specific rules in the Local Regulations and/or FAI Sporting Code.

13.2 The time limit of a complaint is 1 hour 30 minutes after the publication of the provisional task results, except after the last task, in which case the time limit is 30 minutes.

13.3 If the pilot is not satisfied with the outcome, he/she may make a protest. The time limit of a complaint is 2 hours after announcement of the decision regarding the complaint, except after the last task, in which case the time limit is 30 minutes.

13.4 The protest fee is EUR 50.00, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

13.5 Complaints are dealt with by the Meet Director and the Chief Judge.